Senior Engineering Project Manager

The Senior Engineering Project Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing all facets of engagement, delivery, and ongoing support for our customers.

Role Overview:
The Senior Engineering Project Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing all facets of engagement, delivery, and ongoing support for our customers. From the initiation of a sales order or feasibility study request to the seamless commissioning of systems and subsequent support, this role ensures a smooth and satisfactory experience for our clientele. Close collaboration with the Sales Team is imperative to ensure prompt responsiveness to inquiries and orders.

This role is inherently proactive, involving comprehensive analysis of the support process and customer journey. The Senior Engineering Project Manager spearheads initiatives to enhance efficiency in sales delivery, while concurrently elevating customer satisfaction levels. A crucial aspect of this role involves proficiently managing a team of Application Engineers, optimizing workload distribution, prioritization, and resource allocation.

Responsibilities also encompass the meticulous collection and analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which serve as pivotal metrics for both evaluating team effectiveness and identifying opportunities for product refinement to mitigate support overhead. Collaboration with the Delivery & Operations Manager is integral for defining and implementing tools and processes that fortify team support capabilities.


  • Demonstrated proficiency in managing technical support teams within the manufacturing sector, showcasing a proven track record of success.
  • Extensive experience (3+ years, preferably 5+) in project management roles, with a preference for familiarity with project management tools such as Jira.
  • Possession of a qualified technical degree (MSc) in engineering or related field, underpinning a robust technical acumen.
  • While not mandatory, experience in the Robotics or automation sector is advantageous.
  • Strong interpersonal skills are essential, encompassing adeptness in internal team management as well as customer-facing interactions.
  • Fluent German and English speaking and writing

Preferred Attributes:

  • Proven ability to strategize and implement process improvements to streamline sales delivery and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Proficiency in data analysis and utilization of KPIs to drive informed decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Capacity to effectively liaise with cross-functional teams, particularly with Sales and Operations, fostering collaborative synergy.
  • Innate problem-solving aptitude, coupled with a results-oriented mindset, to effectively navigate and resolve challenges inherent to technical support management.

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