Automate more with Cambrian Vision

Reduce costs
Generate more revenue
Overcome staff shortages


Be resilient to a changing environment

Avert global supply chain issues.
Bring manufacturing back onshore.

Improve quality

Reduce the potential for human error and fatigue relying on Cambrian Vision to deliver precision and high quality

Free up the workforce for more productive tasks

Deploying AI-enhanced robots for mundane and repetitive tasks allows human resources to be redirected towards more creative, productive and valuable tasks.

Reduce costs

A robot arm equipped with Cambrian Vision can operate 24/7, executing a range of tasks at a lower cost than other alternatives.


Use Cases


Cambrian Vision delivers efficient, accurate and robust binpicking.

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Cable handling

Use Cambrian Vision to pick, handle and insert cables.

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Cambrian Vision can be rapidly configured for a variety of simple and complex tasks.

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Cambrian Vision is an ideal tool to automate your kitting tasks.

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