Senior Python Developer

As a Python developer at Cambrian, you'll be responsible for developing software infrastructure and tools to support the AI and Software development teams.

At Cambrian, our vision is to make matter programmable through the integration of robotics and AI. We’re committed to creating an ecosystem of hardware and software tools that enable manufacturers worldwide to benefit from intelligent automation, reducing the need for manual labor and empowering humans to focus on more meaningful tasks.


As a Python developer at Cambrian, you’ll be responsible for developing software infrastructure and tools to support the AI and Software development teams. This will include understanding and evolving our existing systems as well as researching, designing and implementing new scalable systems as the team grows. The systems include ML deployment pipelines, testing infrastructure and benchmarking  – all contributing to the improvement of our intelligent automation systems.



  • Design and develop scalable testing and development infrastructure for ML model development
  • Improve and extend existing Python infrastructure and tools used for generating synthetic data and AI model training
  • Collaborate with, and support, the development teams
  • Testing and troubleshooting the training infrastructure and benchmarking systems
  • Work with our GPU training hardware both on-site and remote/cloud



  • Essential:
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
    • Strong understanding of Python programming fundamentals and libraries
    • Proven (independent) experience as a Python Developer on a range of challenging technical projects
    • Knowledge of software engineering best practices, including version control, code reviews, and testing
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Beneficial:
    • Understanding of Machine Learning principals
    • Familiarity with ML deployment techniques and platforms
    • Broader software engineering experience
    • Knowledge of IT and Software Integration tools & systems

Pay & Benefits:

  • Base pay range: £60,000 to £85,000 depending on skills, qualifications, experience, and location
  • Hybrid role: Requires at least ~60% on-site presence


If you’re passionate about Python development and eager to work on exciting ML projects in robotics and AI, we’d love to hear from you. Join Cambrian and help shape the future of intelligent automation.


Interview Process


Meet with Talent

Here you will have an introduction where we learn more about each other and talk through the Cambrian journey, past, present and future and see if our ambitions align with yours


Technical assessments

This is where we give you a take-home task or conduct a scenario interview.


Role assessments

Deeper technical interviews and introductions with other Cambrians - we want to make sure you find the fit just as much as we do.


Meet the Team + Robots in our HQ

A chance to meet the hiring and senior management team.


The offer

If everything goes well, this is where we invite you to join the team at Cambrian.


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